Happy Holidays: Safe Traveling Tips When Bringing Your Pet

The increased need for security for traveling with your pet is crucial. Pet owners should take extra precautions when traveling with their furry friends. Consider taking the following safety traveling tips when bringing your pet.



Use an Appropriate, Secure, and Comfortable Carrier



Most pet owners believe that a big pet carrier is the best to allow their pets the luxury to move around during traveling. However, there may be better options. Ensure the pet carrier you have leaves adequate space to allow shifting of positions and not room for moving and jumping around.


A big carrier can throw your cat or dog around while the car is in motion. It is vital to be vigilant about your choice. Ensure they are comfortable, flexible, and secure. It is also crucial to ensure your pet stays inside the vehicle throughout the ride to prevent them from sticking their head outside and avoid catching respiratory infections or getting hit by debris.



Put Your Pet on a Leash or Harness Them Using an ID Tag



Your pet can run off if they get the freedom to be outdoors due to the energy they have. So as you travel with them, avoid letting them run free to avoid losing them. Imagine if you spend your day trying to track down your furry friend.


Do your best to prevent losing your pet. But if it happens, ensure you find it as soon as possible. An ID tag with your contact information can help. It is also vital to consider getting them microchipped with your updated information.



Plan for Food and Water



It is essential to ensure your pet remains comfortable throughout the ride. One way to do so is to meet their needs. Make sure to complete their schedules in terms of their feeding. However, expect them to reject meals if they feel stressed.


Pack the food they love and place it in an accessible place. Put some water in a clean container with a lid. Doing so will make it easy to quench their thirst whenever they need to hydrate. You can later store it without spilling or tossing the remaining water.



Acknowledge and Accommodate the Health Status of Your Pet



Before you travel with your pet anywhere, it is vital to speak with your veterinarian to know how best to handle your furry friend. Sometimes, your pet may have a severe health condition that could worsen while on the road. Avoid taking that risk if their health is deteriorating.


Keep your eye on your pet while traveling with them. Ensure you call a veterinarian if you have any doubts or need advice or help.



Disembark Peacefully 



Once you arrive, leave the vehicle only after your furry friend exhibits calm behavior. Ensure your dog wears a leash before leaving the car. After releasing your cat, ensure you confine it because it will look for spots to hide once released.


Ensure you never leave your pet unattended in a car. The temperatures inside the vehicle can heighten to hazardous levels. Keep them calm at all times to make everything easier and seamless.


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