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At Brekke Veterinary Clinic, we work hard to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for our patients, and we work just as hard to improve their comfort, health, and happiness. Because preventative care and lifelong wellness are so important to us, spay and neuter surgeries are among the most important procedures we perform. Is your dog or cat still intact (in other words, do they have their reproductive organs)? If so, schedule your pet's spay and neuter surgery at our clinic today.

Our Castle Rock veterinarian clinic is also a Castle Rock spay and neuter clinic. Learn how this routine procedure could give your dog or cat a better quality of life in Castle Rock.

Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Dog or Cat

Our vet in Castle Rock CO has years of experience sterilizing cats and dogs, and he knows how life-changing this simple procedure can be. If you're still considering this optional surgery for your dog or cat, it's important to understand how much their lives could improve as a result. There are many excellent reasons to get your pets spayed or neutered, but here are some of our favorite benefits:

  • Decreases Cancer Risks – Spaying removes the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes from female pets, while neutering is the removal of the testes from male cats and dogs. Removing these organs eliminates the risk of ovarian, uterine, or testicular cancer for pets, and it also drastically reduces the risks of other cancer types.

  • Improves Behavior – Hormones and reproductive instincts make intact pets more likely to wander outdoors, fight with other animals, bark or yowl, hump and urinate indoors, all in a quest to mate or claim territory. Spay your dog or cat to prevent her from going into heat, and neuter your male dog or cat to minimize his risks of territorial spraying, aggression, getting lost, and other risks of breeding instincts.

  • Prevents Overpopulation – Unfortunately, dogs and cats are still so overpopulated that overcrowded American shelters have to euthanize millions every year. Prevent your pet from contributing to this awful problem, and spay or neuter them to make sure escapes and play dates never result in unwanted litters. Even if the litters don't end up in shelters, they rapidly multiply your expenses and pet care responsibilities, so it's important to focus on the wellness of the pets you have now.

Spay and Neuter Surgery from Our Castle Rock Veterinarian

Our veterinarian in Castle Rock CO, Dr. Jay Brekke, is proud to help local pets live healthier, less stressful lives. Spaying or neutering your pet will reduce their physical and psychological risks, and it's a responsible and loving choice for your family. We monitor each patient's vital signs very closely and administer anesthesia gradually before the procedure, minimizing risks and making sure your pet stays comfortable. Afterward, we'll send you home with pain meds and detailed instructions for their recovery.

Do you need a veterinarian who will spay and neuter in Castle Rock? Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brekke today.

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