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How to Give Pills to Your Cat Easily

Most cat owners struggle to give their cats pills. Even vets have a hard time doing it. It may sound like an easy task, but it requires a strategy to avoid getting bitten or injured. You also want to avoid an instance of your feline spitting out the medication. Read on to learn the easy ways to give your cat pills.

What Are the Common Signs of Diabetes in Pets?

Diabetes in pets has similarities to that in humans. The condition causes the body to lack the ability to process glucose, the prime energy source for the body’s cells. During digestion, your body absorbs sugar as food passes through the intestines. It transports them into the cells lining the intestines and converts them into simple sugars or glucose. 

How Often Should I Exercise My Dog?

Exercise for dogs has more than physical benefits. It is great for mental stimulation and socializing since dogs are pack animals. As you take your dog for a walk or run out in the park, it gets to meet other dogs and make friends. As it does this, it learns to self-regulate and works on its behavior issues.

How to Reduce My Dog’s Fear of the Vet

Nobody looks forward to going to the doctor’s office. Dogs are no exception. The trip to your vet can be stressful for you and your furry friend. Unfortunately, anxiety and stress in dogs can mask signs of sensitivity or pain and cause severe health problems. It can also skew diagnostic tests, cause diarrhea, and weaken the immune system.

Can Only Dogs Get Heartworm?

There are misconceptions that only dogs are susceptible to heartworm infection. It is simply not true; you should also keep a close eye on your cat and ferret. Heartworm infection can affect many pets and even humans, although it cannot crossover from animals to humans. 

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