How Often Should I Exercise My Dog?

Exercise for dogs has more than physical benefits. It is great for mental stimulation and socializing since dogs are pack animals. As you take your dog for a walk or run out in the park, it gets to meet other dogs and make friends. As it does this, it learns to self-regulate and works on its behavior issues.


Hence, exercise is vital to any dog. Give each dog as much exercise as possible. However, several factors determine how much is too much.



The Breed



Different breeds of dogs have different energy levels. Thus, they need varying amounts of exercise. Breeds like bulldogs and pugs will not need as much working out as German shepherds because of their flat-faced features. They will end up struggling because of their breathing problems. However, they need as much exercise as any other animal—just enough to keep them physically fit. 


Some breeds require two hours of exercise, while others only need one. Whatever your breed of dog, give it as much exercise as it needs.



Health Problems



Sometimes, your dog may suffer from health problems that have nothing to do with its physiological makeup or breed. It may be having injuries, or it is unwell. In these cases, do not overwork your dog. 


Allow for healing to take place. Give it exercise to keep it alert and aid healing. Otherwise, recovery and rest are a vital part of healing. Find other ways to entertain them and work on the mental stimulation.






Sometimes, it may not be the breed of dog or its health. Your dog may be unfit. Your vet may advise you to make sure it gets more exercise. Please do not take this as an excuse to exercise it at crazy levels. 


Just as you would start small and add to it when working with humans, do the same for your dog. Increase their fitness and exercise gradually. You can get on it also by jogging, running, or cycling with your dog. It will also give the dog the confidence to try the new workout regime.






Age is another factor to consider when deciding how much exercise your dog needs. As your dog ages, its joints may not be as strong as they were. Therefore, you need to be careful and exercise it slowly. Puppies are a whole different ball game since they have so much energy. 

You need to put that energy into good use. As they grow older, it may not be about the amount of time but the quality of the exercise. Talk to your vet about exercising as the puppies age; the vet will advise you on what is best.






Various dogs have different preferences due to their personalities. They may be of the same breed and the same age. But due to their personality differences, they will enjoy different forms of exercise. Make sure your dog enjoys the activity you are engaging in and you will get the most out of it. 


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