Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

Our veterinarian in Castle Rock wants every pet owner to know the importance of vaccinating pets. Pet vaccinations play an essential role in keeping your pet healthy. Vaccinating your pet can also prevent the spread of certain diseases, such as rabies, to your family.

Vaccinations have prevented the deaths of millions of animals within the last century. Pet vaccinations help prevent pet diseases, and can help you avoid costly treatments for preventable animal illnesses. These vaccinations protect your pet from many of the diseases that affect wildlife, particularly rabies and distemper.

Some community, local or state laws require certain vaccinations for household pets. Having proof of a rabies vaccination can also save your pet from

Vet in Castle Rock Discusses the Vaccinations Important for Pets in Colorado

Our vet in Castle Rock can help you discover which vaccines are important to keep Colorado pets healthy and happy.

There are two groups of vaccinations: core vaccinations and vaccinations based on lifestyle. Core vaccinations are those essential to the health of your pet. Vaccinations based on lifestyle protect your pet from diseases common in certain environments, such as kennels.

Core pet vaccinations in Castle Rock for dogs should include:

  • Rabies – a viral disease

  • Distemper – a viral disease that causes fever and coughing

  • H- Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 2)

  • P- Parvo-Virus

  • P- Parainfluenza

  • C- Corona

Pet Vaccines based on lifestyle include:

  • Bordetella – commonly known as kennel cough

  • Leptospirosis

  • Rattlesnake

  • Influenza H3N2

Core pet vaccinations in Castle Rock for cats should include:

  • Rabies – a viral disease

  • Feline Combination Core Vaccine (FVRCP)

  • Feline Leukemia

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