Why Is Parasite Prevention Important for Pets?

The American Veterinary Medical Association always reminds pet parents to practice parasite prevention. This simple routine can inhibit many health conditions, some of which can jump to humans. Preventing parasites from taking over can maintain the health of your pets and your household. Here are the important points of parasite prevention.



It Prevents Diseases From Affecting You and Your Household



Parasite prevention can keep certain diseases from overwhelming your home. Parasites in pets can carry zoonotic diseases. These ailments can jump from animal to human hosts. Giardia, leptospirosis, and rabies are only a few of these life-threatening diseases. Ensuring your pet is clear of them will give you peace of mind. You can feel secure in the thought that your family members are safe when they are around your pet. 



It Has Different Options



Parasite prevention has many forms. You can choose preventatives based on what you think is best for your fur kid. Here are the available ones that you may already be using or, at least, considering:


  • Spot-on treatments can provide skin protection against external parasites.
  • Collars slowly release low concentrations of preventatives.
  • Regular annual diagnostic testing can check your pet’s blood and feces. The goal is to see if your preventatives are working.
  • Oral treatments can prevent internal and external parasites. 



It Supports Your Pet’s Immunity



External and internal parasites attach to your pet. They depend on your pet’s blood for nutrients. When these parasites keep sucking on your pet’s blood for food, your pet’s body weakens as anemia develops. Insufficient blood in your pet’s body means that the immune system and the other organ systems do not get proper nutrition. Weak organ systems make your pet prone to different kinds of diseases. 


Proper parasite prevention can help keep your pet keep healthy by preventing anemia. Without anemia, your pet’s body has enough strength and protection against diseases. Regular prevention can keep your pet’s health intact at all times. 



It Prevents Internal Parasites



Internal parasites can enter your pet’s body in different ways. Insect bites and contaminated soil are two of them. Heartworms, roundworms, whipworms, as well as hookworms and tapeworms, are internal parasites that can cause life-threatening symptoms. Parasite prevention can prevent these internal parasites from deteriorating your pet’s health from the inside. 



It Prevents External Parasites



External parasites wait patiently until they can attach to your pet’s skin. Ear mites, fleas, and ticks are the most common ones. These parasites can thrive in your pet. They can spread to the crevices and grooves of your property. These parasites may reach other pets in the neighborhood. Parasite prevention can help stop them from causing this much damage.


Parasite prevention is important in maintaining a healthy pet and a thriving household. At Brekke Veterinary, we always remind our pet parents to practice parasite prevention in caring for their fur kids. 


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