Brekke Veterinary Clinic is classified an Essential Business.
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Keeping humans safe while treating your pet. All patient appointments are done in-clinic with you, the owner, waiting in your car or as a planned drop-off.

Here’s how the appointment process works:

1. Arrival: Call 303-474-4260 when you have arrived.

2. Parked Pet Pickup: We will meet you at your car and safely retrieve your pet for their in-clinic exam.

3. Phone Findings: The doctor will call you after their exam to discuss findings and create a treatment plan with you.

4. Comfort in Your Car: We will complete discussed diagnostics, treatment and filling medications while you safely wait in your car.

5. Phone Payment: Our care team member will call you to complete credit card payment over the phone to reduce contact for human safety.

6. Home Again: Our care team member will safely return your pet to your car with any necessary products and home instructions.

Things to know:

  • Our appointment process will keep human to human contact low.

  • Appointment times may run longer than normal given the new appointment process….we appreciate your patience.

  • We plan to continue building our relationship and trust… by phone.

  • The Colorado and American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines are followed in-clinic and through our appointment process.

  • We thank you for your vigilance and understanding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

**Medication refills: Please call 303-474-4260 upon arrival. We will review the medication and collect payment over the phone. Then we will deliver your pet's medication to your car.**

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We specialize in the Animal-Human connection, and the unique bond created when humans commit to their pet’s health and happiness.