Brekke Veterinary Clinic is here for you!
Now Offering Modified In-Clinic Appointments

Keeping humans safe while treating your pet!

Patient Appointments:

All wellness and medical patient appointments are in-clinic with you, the owner, in the exam room. While our technician appointments and urgent appointments are still curbside.

**We are following recent CDC guidelines and ask that all individuals that are NOT fully vaccinated wear a mask or face-covering while in Brekke Veterinary Clinic

Here’s how the appointment process works:

1. Arrival: Clients have the option to either come in to check in or simply call or text 303-474-4260 upon arrival and parking at the clinic.

2. Waiting Space: To keep both our clinents, staff and patients safe we have downsized our waiting area to allow for up to two clients per patient in our lobby. We have also added extended waiting space outside in front of our clinic with seating. If you would prefer to wait in your car please just notify our care team and we will be sure to have a technician call or meet you at your car when they are ready to start the wellenss or medical illness exam.

3. Check-out In the Exam Room: At the end of your appoitnment

4. Comfort in Your Car: We will complete discussed diagnostics, treatment and filling medications while you safely wait in your car.

5. Phone Payment: Our care team member will call you to complete credit card payment over the phone to reduce contact for human safety.

6. Home Again: Our care team member will safely return your pet to your car with any necessary products and home instructions.

Things to know:

  • Our appointment process will keep human to human contact low.

  • Appointment times may run longer than normal given the new appointment process….we appreciate your patience.

  • We plan to continue building our relationship and trust… by phone.

  • The Colorado and American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines are followed in-clinic and through our appointment process.

  • We thank you for your vigilance and understanding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

**Medication refills: Please call 303-474-4260 upon arrival. We will review the medication and collect payment over the phone. Then we will deliver your pet's medication to your car.**

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