Jacqueline Rudzinski, DVM

Jackie Rudzinski

Jacqueline Rudzinski, DVM (Dr. Jackie)

Associate Veterinarian

I have always known I wanted to care for animals and become a veterinarian since childhood. Growing up on the big island of Hawaii, I was constantly surrounded by animals, however, my frequent encounters with sick and injured stray animals are what was the driving force behind my passion to become a veterinarian.

As my mentor, my mom instilled positivity, hope, and strength in all that I do. She was my biggest supporter before she passed away two weeks before my acceptance into vet school. I later earned my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. I lead my schooling and career as a veterinarian by remembering my care philosophy to “remember why you are here and why you chose the veterinary profession.” The force behind my passion has evolved into my special interest in managing and preventing behavioral issues in a low-stress manner especially having animal behavior as a leading cause in pet surrender and relinquishment. I focus on behavior and nutrition to support each pet in prolonging a healthy life. As a veterinarian, I enjoy educating each owner and supporting each pet in their life’s journey.

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