Jay Brekke, DVM

Dr. Jay Brekke

Jay Brekke, DVM


​​​​​​​In kindergarten you get asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and most kids say a doctor, a veterinarian, a firefighter, a teacher, etc. I am one of those people who answered, with hand raised high in the sky, a veterinarian! Through the years I realized my kindergarten answer was my true dream and passion.

Later, I learned to live in balance with my “why” by caring for every animal that has no voice but deserves to have a chance at a healthy life. I truly believe the value of the animal-human connection and taking a client-focused approach to treatment. As a veterinary practice owner, I believe every client, rescue, and foster is heard; every animal receives the highest quality of medical and surgical care.

Leading a team to offer a warm welcome to each client and patient with personalized care, personalized follow-up and a trusted relationship. We offer every animal a chance at a healthy life through preventative health care, medical treatment to heal, comfort in their stage of life and assistance to pass with peace and dignity. That is why I answered, a veterinarian!

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