Pet Microchipping in Castle Rock, CO

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Pets who get out may not think they are lost, but their owners do. If your pet goes on a grand adventure, or gets away in an unfamiliar location and really does get lost, the last thing you want is to realize that they have no ID on them. And even if they did have tags, lost pets frequently shed these along the way. But your pet can't shed a microchip. Having your pet microchipped by a vet in Castle Rock like Brekke Veterinary Clinic can help them find their way home.

How Does Pet Microchipping in Castle Rock Work?

A microchip is a tiny electronic device encased in glass that can be read by an external scanner. It has no battery and performs no function except to store a unique number that is associated with your registration at the company. After the process of pet microchipping in Castle Rock, you must register your information with the company so that your lost pet can be returned.

Microchips are read with scanners that most animal hospitals and some shelters have. After the vet in Castle Rock reads your pet's microchip, he or she contacts the company and tells them that your pet is at the animal hospital in Castle Rock, or wherever they are. The company then notifies you that your pet has been found.

Because the microchip is so small, pet chipping in Castle Rock involves using an ordinary syringe with a needle slightly larger than usual. It requires no anesthesia and most pets don't seem to experience discomfort. If your pet is already anesthetized at the animal hospital in Castle Rock for some other purpose, the chip can be inserted while they are still asleep.

Have Brekke Veterinary Clinic, Your Veterinarian in Castle Rock, Microchip Your Pet Today

Pet microchipping in Castle Rock saves lives. Dogs are returned to their owners about twice as often if they are microchipped, and lost cats get home a whopping seventeen times more often if they are microchipped. The process is quick and easy and Brekke Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian in Castle Rock, can perform it today. Call us today to make an appointment.

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