Spay & Neuter FAQ

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When it comes to carrying for your dog, getting it spayed or neutered is often a top concern. Should you get your dog fixed, and if so should you choose to spay or neuter it? We are here to answer this question along with other top questions about dog neuter and spay procedures offered by your veterinarian in Castle Rock at Brekke Veterinary Clinic.

What is the Difference Between Neuter and Spay?

Neutering and spaying a dog is a procedure that removes the sexual reproductive organs of the animal. A dog can be spayed or neutered depending on the sex of the dog. A female dog will be spayed, which involves taking out the dog’s uterus. A male dog is neutered, a process of removing the testicles. Both types of pet surgery are simple, safe and effective thanks to decades of research on the subject. We offer dog neuter and spay services at Brekke Veterinary Clinic, your favorite veterinarian at Castle Rock.

Why Should I Consider a Spay or Neuter Procedure?

The main reason that pet owners seek our spay or dog neuter procedure is to prevent unwanted pregnancies among their dogs. However, there are several other reasons why you may want to spay or neuter your dog. By removing the reproductive organs of your dog we solve their problem of sexual frustration. Going in heat is a reoccurring battle for dogs who cannot fulfill their urges. This can be especially problematic for a dog that lives indoors without other dogs as companions. Our dog spay or neuter procedures will fix that problem for your pet. Pet sterilization also prevents your dog from having cancer of the sexual reproduction organs, i.e. uterine, testicular, and ovarian cancers. Once the organs are removed, so is the chance that your dog will develop these types of devastating cancers.

What can I Expect During a Neuter or Spay Surgery at Brekke Veterinary Clinic?

We are well-experienced with spaying and neutering dogs. Our pet surgery department is highly knowledgable about pet sterilization surgery. As a result you can rest assured knowing your dog is in the best of care during this simple surgical procedure. We offer ongoing support before, during and after your dog’s sterilization surgery. Once you make an appointment at your veterinarian in Castle Rock for a dog neuter or spay we will provide you with detailed instructions for pre- and post-operative pet care. We will also arrange for follow-up appointments to ensure your dog is healing well. In the instance that there is some type of issue, such as irritation from your dog scratching it's surgical wound, we have treatments and methods of helping your dog.

Choose Brekke Veterinary Clinic for Your Pet's Spay or Neuter Surgery in Castle Rock

Thank you for considering Brekke Veterinary Clinic as your top choice for a veterinarian in Castle Rock. We look forward to providing your pet with spaying or neutering services. If you have additional questions we haven’t addressed please contact us for more information. Ready to schedule a dog neuter or spay for your furry family member? Give our office a call today to schedule your dog’s spay or neuter appointment.

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