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How to Reduce My Dog’s Fear of the Vet

Nobody looks forward to going to the doctor’s office. Dogs are no exception. The trip to your vet can be stressful for you and your furry friend. Unfortunately, anxiety and stress in dogs can mask signs of sensitivity or pain and cause severe health problems. It can also skew diagnostic tests, cause diarrhea, and weaken the immune system.

Can Only Dogs Get Heartworm?

There are misconceptions that only dogs are susceptible to heartworm infection. It is simply not true; you should also keep a close eye on your cat and ferret. Heartworm infection can affect many pets and even humans, although it cannot crossover from animals to humans. 

What Are the Most Common Dental Diseases for Dogs and Cats?

Dental diseases are the cause of many health issues for cats and dogs. Seventy percent of cats and eighty percent of dogs show symptoms of dental and oral diseases by age three. Therefore, it is crucial to take your pet for annual dental exams. It ensures your pet does not experience painful dental conditions and maintains good health.

Sporting Dogs: How to Prevent Athletic Injuries

Canine sporting is an exciting pastime for many dog lovers and owners. Like any other human athlete, dogs also get injuries while training and participating in the activity. There are several ways to ensure that your dog’s athletic injuries are down to the minimum.

Treating Cherry Eye in Dogs

Cherry eye is the common name for a prolapsed third eyelid gland. It is common for puppies under one-year-old. The tissue that secretes tears is the nictitating membrane found in the corner of the eye.

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